Afrique, je te plumerai

Afrique, je te plumerai

Camarões, França | 1992 | 88 min | Documentário | Livre

Direção: Jean-Marie Teno
Roteiro: Jean-Marie Teno
Fotografia: Robert Dianoux


Afrique, je te plumerai provides a devastating overview of 100 years of cultural annihilation in Cameroon, the only African country colonized by three European powers (Germany, Great Britain and France). At the same time, the film offers a carefully researched case study into the continuing damage done to African societies by neocolonial cultures. A must-see film, widely recognized as a classic of African film, and a vital African perspective on contemporary African politics.

About the director

Jean-Marie Téno, Africa’s preeminent documentary filmmaker, has been producing and directing films on the colonial and post-colonial history of Africa for over twenty years. Films by Jean-Marie have been honored at festivals worldwide. He has been a guest of the Flaherty Seminar, an artist in residence and has lectured at many universities. Jean-Marie was born in 1954 in Bandjoun, Cameroon. He studied audiovisual communication at the University of Valenciennes and worked as a film critic for Bwana Magazine and as editor-in-chief at France 3. In 1983, he directed his first short documentary Schubbah. In 1992, he made his documentary Africa, I Will Pluck You Clean on the effects of colonialism and neocolonialism in Cameroon. In 1996, he made Clando, which won the Audience Award at the 6th African Film Festival in Milan, Italy. Jean-Marie Teno is also a producer of his own films with Les Films du Raphia. From 2007 - 2008, he was a Visiting Artist at Copeland Fellow at Amherst College, and in 2009 - 2010 he was visiting Professor at Hampshire College, Massachusetts. He lives between France, Cameroon and the United States. Afrique, je te plumerai sobre os efeitos do colonialismo e neocolonialismo em Camarões. Em 1996, fez Clando, que ganhou o Prêmio do Público no 6º Festival de Cinema Africano em Milão, Itália. Jean-Marie Teno também é produtor de seus próprios filmes com Les Films du Raphia. De 2007 a 2008, foi Artista Visitante no Copeland Fellow no Amherst College, e em 2009 – 2010 foi Professor Visitante no Hampshire College, Massachusetts. Ele vive entre a França, Camarões e os Estados Unidos.